Starting my business in 2014 was out of passion for people.
 I believe authentic beautiful images don't have to be over posed and that everyone in front of my camera deserves to feel like they're being directed by a friend behind the camera.

My family means everything to me and I the fact they let me run around chasing dreams without guilt is the only reason I can do what I do.




That handsome man on the left is my husband Tom.  Even though he is holding a camera he is not a photographer.   He works as a utility lineman for LADWP and is the most hardworking person I have ever met.  He leaves at 4:30 am, gets home at 5:30 pm and then spends time having dinner with us and will even do the dishes after. 
 I seriously got very lucky (plus he's super hot)!

On the right is my crazy firecracker Alice.  I never planned on being a mom, mostly because I knew i'd be horrible at it.  I didn't have the patience, wisdom or communication skills to be a mom.   BUT God decided that I needed to grow in MANY areas because on Christmas Day 2011 this little one came into the world.  And I say it was a God decision because at the time I had been told it wasn't an option for me to get pregnant and if I tried to become pregnant it would most likely  result in a miscarriage.  BUT Alice is not one to be told
no, so despite the odds she was born very healthy.   Currently she loves dance class, cooking with me, and hopes to become a vet when she is older.  Some of you family sessions or even maternity sessions might have already met her!

Thanks to these two incredible people I'm able to do what I love.  And I know this is the way I make a contribution to the world.