Sara & Joey’s Beachside Wedding || Historic Cottage San Clemente, CA

The moment I met Joey & Sara, I knew I wanted to capture their wedding. They were obviously meant for each other. People talk about “marrying their best friend”, but for most of us what it means is I’m marring the person I love AND do everything with. These two are best friends, the kind of friendship built on years of shared memories, deep understanding, solid trust, and genuinely at rest next to each other. In fact I know how true that is because their family and friends were so excited that these two were getting married after years of dating that they insisted on the hashtag #joeyandsarafinallysayido. Plus, the sister of the bride and best man in their speeches mentioned how long they all have been waiting for this day.

Now what better way to celebrate then beachside in San Clemente? The Historic Cottage at San Clemente State Beach is beautiful, quaint, and classic. When you walk out the side of the patio there is a bluff (also, the ceremony site) that overlooks the waves and cliffside scenery. During the ceremony it is expected to have some sort of unity symbol, a candle or sand vase. This couple decided to blend two bottles of wine, to make their own blend. How awesome is that?! At the reception the guests were invited to try a “Joe-Rita” or “Sara-berry margarita” while they wait for their turn in the taco man line. Other than eating and listening to toasts, however, the guests were expected to be out of their seats taking photos at the prop booth or dancing. Because at the end of the day Joey and Sara wanted everyone to remember it was a celebration.



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