Cheers to Your Engagement!

YAY you’re engaged! The dating process has ended and now you get to dream about becoming Mrs. _______! Nothing is more exciting!

Now for those of you who want an official check off list, please go to because they’re amazing at all the lists you could ever imagine!

BUT, for those of you who are looking for the excitement to continue and the anxiety to dissipate, please read on.

First thing – tell people! Decide who needs to know in person, over the phone, or by text versus who is okay to find out on social media. (BIG hint: All family members want a personalized message not FB tag) After family, tell close friends. Then you can blast it all over FB, IG, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Make sure to call or email (yes, that is still around) the people who aren’t on social media because they may miss it

Next pick a general date. It is the one question EVERYONE will keep asking. Basically pick a season and a year (and then be ready to hear why its a great or awful idea).

Third on the list- GO ON A DATE. A non wedding talk date. Get a free dessert at a restaurant by telling them you just got engaged. On the date dream together, not about the wedding (remember its a non wedding date), but about your life together. Where you want to live, travel plans, dog adoptions, kids, where you both see yourselves in 10 years, career changes, etc. Compile a list of your dream life and write it down somewhere. (I email myself notes all the time.) Also, make notes about why you love each other and what you love doing together. Because there WILL come a time in wedding planning when you’re stressed and worried about the budget and maybe even getting irritated with each other and you’ll want to go back to these thoughts.

Fourth (or really 3.5) – Plan a consistent date night. It can be a Tuesday morning, or Sunday afternoon, or even varying days/times- it doesn’t matter. What matters is you still date during the engagement season and you still dream about your life together. NEVER lose sight of the fact your life together starts after the wedding. So, as important as the wedding day is, it’s not EVERYTHING.

Which brings me to #5- set a budget. Now this may sound strange coming from a wedding vendor BUT, it’s very important to set a budget and stick to it. Again, the wedding is one day, but your marriage is a lifetime. So spend money celebrating and proclaiming your love, but not at the cost of your post wedding marital bliss.

After that comes all the practical details – Find a coordinator, venue, kick ass photographer (I highly recommend myself), dress, choose your bridal party, wedding colors, and so on.

If nothing else, hear (or read) this one thought: Before you plan you wedding, dream about your new life together, then plan a day that celebrates and enhances that dream. Because, when the dance floor clears and the bar closes, what you want to be left with is a beginning not an ending.




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