Eric & Emily’s Proposal || Orange County, CA

Capturing this proposal was so much fun for me because it was MY BROTHER asking his best friend to be Official Forever!


So Eric first asked if I’d be interested in photographing his proposal SO of course I said yes (in a very uncool shrieking type of way).  And then came the “well how do we make it not OBVIOUS what was happening.   Well, a few months before I had an unfortunate incident that involved my 6 year old and my external hard drive, which lead to my drive being shipped to a doctor in Oklahoma AND me not having full access to all of my images.    I love how that turned into a God thing, because it was a perfect excuse for me to take photos of them so I could use them to put on my site and there wasn’t any lies involved!


Ok so flash forward to a few weeks before the proposal, Eric took me around the gardens area he wanted to use so that day of I could know where I was “leading” them.  We scouted out the best places, some back up spots, and some “if every other place is being used” spots.  We made a game plan and that was that!


Day of the proposal, I was running late, driving like crazy, wore the wrong shoes, and so on……. which probably helped sell the broken hard drive explanation.  Eric and Emily both looked flawless, easy going and were total sweet hearts.   So we chatted as I lead them to a “spot I remembered liking before” I asked about her family (who were going to surprise her with a dinner celebration after) and schooling and work.  The whole time not making eye contact (which isn’t hard since I’m super short and Emily is not) and walking way ahead of her.     Finally we get to THE SPOT and to throw her of the scent I actually had them pose for a few first.  Next I casually (meaning practically screamed) mentioned for them to have a seat and then I was going to give them a prop.   I walked back and let Eric share the beautiful and sweet gift he made for her and as she read through their “love story” Eric got the ring (sneakily in his sock) out and got down on one knee.


The rest is history!





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