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This bride and groom are all about family and every part of their nuptials showed that. From their first look to the ceremony, family is clearly at the center of their lives. This relaxed yet glamorous, shabby chic affair took place at Secluded Garden Estates surrounding their close friends and family with lush, green, wine country and gorgeous hill top views. Their wedding colors of champagne, blush and grey gave the day a bright yet sophisticated feel.

The bride, Kylie, wore a stunning form fitting mermaid dress with an exquisite lace overlay. While getting ready Kylie’s mother gifted her daughter a ring and necklace whose gems were taken from the bride’s grandmother’s jewelry. Kylie wore these timeless pieces to honor her grandmother and keep her close on such a special occasion. What a precious gift.
During their first look, Kylie gave her groom, Erik, a gift of remembrance as well. The gift Erik received was a piece of material with a written, hidden message from his aunt who had passed away. Kylie pinned it into Erik’s jacket so his aunt could be close to his heart and with him during the wedding.
The groom’s father was the officiant and the bride’s older brother played the music for the ceremony. Their laid back family vibe was even more evident during the ceremony when someone realized they had forgot their rings and had to run back and grab them! The couple’s response? They laughed! Where others would melt down, these two knew what was important and loved their intimate, special day with their friends and family.

The reception was a big party one would always hope to have at a wedding. Everyone was able to spend time with and congratulate the couple in person through hugs and toasting and of course plenty of dancing. May they have many years of love and family as beautiful as their wedding.



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