My Hero Wears GOLD and Takes Naps

September is Childhood Cancer awareness month. For those of you who remember, JaymeeLynn Photography has been donating 20% of session fees to Childhood Cancer awareness.

So to start off my September I’m going to talk about one of my heroes.

Not batman, not captain america, not black widow, not storm……

Kayden Wesly.


At 6 months old, Kayden’s parents took him to a regular check up that ended up at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with the scariest word to parents “CANCER.”

Kayden has retinoblastoma ( Which appears as a glow in the child’s eye in some photos. It only happens to 250-300 kids in the US, so rare, which in cancer cases rare means less treatment options. So chemotherapy started, hair loss happened, tumor shrinkage happened!, blood transfusions happened, sick days happened, and countless hours of car rides & office visits also happened.
Please read all details and updates here:



Kayden is my hero because cancer hasn’t stopped him, it hasn’t even slowed him down! He is about to turn one and is saying few words like, Dada, Uh-Oh, Hi. He pulls himself to standing. He’s eating solids. He’s rough housing, exploring, getting bruises from playing, standing and trying to walk. NOT ONE AREA OF DEVELOPMENT HAS BEEN AFFECTED.

A one year old has done something few adults can do. He decided that fighting and living the lifestyle of someone with cancer didn’t have to stop his LIFE. This kid is HAPPY. He belly laughs at his own antics. During our 90 minute photo session- he lasted longer than his parents and me!

Can I say that when I’m sick or driving to LA every week or having blood taken/given that I keep a smile on? Sadly no. I get overwhelmed and give up on everything else. Kayden plays at a hospital every week, and takes delight in his whole life. It blows my mind how much I can learn about perspective from a one year old. Here I am in my 30’s trying to grasp an outlook like Kayden.


So for September please join JaymeeLynn Photography in Going Gold for Childhood Cancer. For my part, any families that have a little hero with them contact me for a free session this holiday season.


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