Why you should let the “NON baby” girl photograph your newborn

Growing up, I was the youngest in my family on both sides (until I got a younger step sister!). I never babysat at family events or had to let “little so and so” tag along. When I was older, I baby sat a handful of times, but it was mostly elementary school aged kids. In my church, I never really volunteered with the babies, but I helped preform skits or games with older ones. Even when I worked for a children’s program, I took the 1st-5th graders.

As I got older, it was the same. I had bad gag reflex for dirty diapers and I get “sympathy vomit.” As you can imagine, spit up was just an invitation for me to hurl.

Needless to say Newborn Portraits was NOT my area of expertise.

However, life changes…………

My daughter is currently 4 (and 1/2!) and she was my first baby everything. First time holding a baby for more than 10 minutes, first time giving a bottle to a baby,
first time not ignoring the crying,
and like every mom, first time trying to photograph a squishy crying pink thing.


Again, babies are not my area and “Newborn Portraits 101” wasn’t a class I took in college (and even it was an option, I doubt I would have taken it. Remember, sympathy vomit?)

When starting my business, I knew I wanted to offer newborn photography. Because of the life stage I was at, I knew plenty friends and family would have that need.

Next I did what I thought was best- Signed up to learn!
I worked at a local hospital for one of the baby photo companies where I photographed 5-10 babies a day for 3-4 days a week. (a crash course if there ever was one!)

Now I love it! Not only that I understand babies! (as much as we really can!) I can read when they’re settling down and when they’re revving up.
When they should eat a little more or when its time to quit.

I also understand that as much as we want perfect photographs of our babies, after we give birth, WE DON’T WANT TO LEAVE THE HOUSE. The idea of getting myself plus my husband and my baby ready for an outing that we need to look good for was just NOT in the cards.

I decided to buy everything I would need to take newborn portraits in home. (Not mine- yours). I have a backdrop frame with 4 vinyl background options, a fake wood floor, light stands, plus props. Of course props!!! and all this goes in my trunk to my your home.

And the cherry on top?! I’ve been through the baby thing and leave a couple days each week open for last minute scheduling because you don’t know exactly when you’re ready until you are. Also, I send a prep guide. everything to do at home before I come so it will be smooth sailing!

Needless to say, I’ve been converted! Newborn portraits are one of the highlights of my weeks and I can’t stop!








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