Mommy Daughter Date at Museum of Ice Cream

Pop up spots are THE BEST experiences.  I think it goes along with the idea of “Limited Addition” cars, shoes, CD’s, anything really.  When you know something isn’t just an option for everyone you want to be the select few that gets a chance.

Well Museum of Ice Cream delivers an amazing experience!  Think Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  I made our reservation and within 5 minutes the rest of the month was filled up.  I definitely felt like I got a golden ticket!

We made our way on the last day of school out to LA area’s arts district where we came upon a BRIGHT pink building.  Entering in we got our first taste of chocolate and proceeded through a pink door to call on the Ice Cream Fairy that gave us instructions.  Next was the “Hollywood Room” with chocolate chip, cherry ice cream to eat while you gazed at pink palm trees, “walk of fame” stars, and of course the redone hollywood sign.


Down the hall of scratch and sniff bananas that smelled like every flavor of Ice Cream, and yes the snozeberries did smell like snozeberries. To the banana swing, where my daughter literally needed prying off.


We then came upon the Pink/Yellow Banana room…..which well was exactly how it sounds!   Onto the mint room, where mint plants were growing out of a coco infused soil and we were given mint and chip ice cream to taste.  Then came the sherbet rainbow room, melted popcicle room, vanilla hall, gummy bear light up and dance room,  Cookiedough room,  and a sprinkle pool.  YES A POOL OF SPRINKLES!!


IMG_0092 MuseumOfIceCreamLA_JLP

All in all a perfect way to kick off summer vacation wouldn’t you say?!


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