Nathan & Kristen || Hilltop Ranch, Lompoc CA

This was such a special wedding for me to be a part of. Kristen is one of my closest friends, and I have prayed for a man like Nathan to enter her life for a long time. The day started at their family ranch with Kristen, a few other close friends, her daughters, soon to be step daughters, her step mom, and myself getting ready inside a home Kristen vacationed at in her youth. Let me tell you there was not one of us adults that didn’t cry when we saw our friend/daughter get into her dress.

Nathan and Kristen elected to have a first look (que more happy tears), which I always recommend because it helps settle the nerves. To say that Nathan looked at Kristen with pure adoration is a major understatement. And of course Kristen saw Nathan with eyes of someone realizing their wildest dream came true.

The ceremony contained joyful tears as Kristen promised to love Nathan and his children wholeheartedly. And Nathan in return promised to never let her down or stop loving her quirks. After being pronounced husband and wife, a cheer rippled through the intimate crowd of friends and family. We all could say one thing for sure these were two hearts being made whole that day.
THEN the party started! Prayers by beloved pastors, a singing toast by a few friends (yours truly included), fun stories of the couple being shared, home made desserts, and of course DANCING. The reception was when everyone get to express their joy for the couple, and have fun celebrating the new life phase these two were eager to enter.

I was beyond honored to capture this story and will treasure this experience for my whole life.





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