Adrian & Jenny || Mission Inn, Riverside

Adrian and Jenny’s wedding was by far one of the most unique wedding’s I’ve ever had the honor of capturing.      More than anything else the couple wanted the wedding to be about them.  They worked hard to find each other and thats what they’re celebrating.

The scene was set at Mission Inn, Riverside,CA. They had a welcome table with all their details on their life together so far and the dreams for the future.


Everyone sat down, the harp started to play and the doors inside were closed. Jenny gripped her dad’s arm as he told her “This is it Jenny, the beginning to the rest of your life. You are marrying a great man.” Every dad dreams of the moment where he gives his little girl away to be taken care of by a man he can respect.

Adrian was this man to Jenny’s family. From their dating life to the handwritten letter before the ceremony.
Everything can be summed up as

Adrian adores Jenny, and Jenny is whole heartedly devoted to Adrian
During the vows, their hands never separated, and their eyes never stayed dry.

After of course was the adventure part for me! Going around the historic beautiful site snapping away! Seriously how gorgeous is it?!


I asked Jenny later if she had any advice for women planning their wedding, because again Adrian and Jenny’s wedding was FLAWLESS, PERFECT, and PERSONAL, here’s what she said:

My number one advice for planning a wedding is to be patient and not sweat the small stuff. The most important part of the day is not all about the little things, which is why we had a simple yet elegant wedding, having just family and friends (about 25 guests). The wedding is about the bride and groom (us). The most important part is celebrating the beginning of your lives together.


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