What to do with Your Self at Your First Bridal Show

First off let me say “Pinterest over estimates my DIY ability.” Luckily I married a VERY handy guy which is the only reason this event even happened for me.

So first I overly researched different bridal shows and picked which one I wanted to be a vendor for. I picked based on location, dates, and if it was a free event or not.

-Ontario. Close to my office and the venues I’d like to work with.
-Sept 18, because it was before the fall portrait season rush
-$10 a ticket, so brides are paying to meet me. I though that started my off in the plus

Next I spent days (yes DAYS) on Pinterest looking at different vendor booth set ups. Fell in love with the look of 2 and immediately started researching how to make a fake wall to hang my prints on.

Again enter the hero husband (I love him) who whisks me away to Home Depot, where we buy 3 unfinished hallow doors, chair molding (a simpler form of crown molding?), white wall trim, planks of 2x4s, and grey paint. We painted the doors grey. Attached the trim and molding. Painted those white (I didn’t realize you have to paint white trim white.huh) Then the hubs came up with an elaborate way to prop them upright. All this took about a week.


On the other end of things I made and printed flyers for my packages, a discount flyer for the show, take away clothespin magnets, champagne & chocolate sets for anyone who books an appointment, and did a mock set up of my display on the patio. I also loaded a portfolio slideshow onto my iPad. And finally two days before the event I felt like I was ready.


The day of was a whirlwind. First off the truck had problems in the morning, of course. We got there and went through 3 different entrances before finding the right “double door” we had been directed to. We set up, the doors took about 45 minutes to get aligned, my best friend came to help me arrange everything. Doors opened and for 4 hours I tried to not be awkward! I talked to a lot of brides, grooms, and moms of the brides.


Then I finished by loading up the truck, going home, downing a glass of Pinot Noir and sleeping for 10 hours.



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