When You Need a Save the Date for a Wedding

So you get your soul mate *CHECK*

Then you get your date *CHECK*

Then…….. YOU GET OVERWHELMED with the 1000+ things to do and 5 of them are urgent. 

Then you get some help!

A bride told me about this site so I wanted to do a blog post on it because I think brides, grooms, moms, dads, even the doggies need to hear about the wonderful system Basic Invite provides for the soon to be newlyweds. 

One thing I didn’t understand when I got married (a decade ago!) was why people needed save the date cards.  “Wouldn’t the invitation be enough?”  Or “can’t I just send an invitation earlier than needed as a both?”  My mother gave me the mom look which let me know I was wrong AND I probably needed to clean something.  

But what she told me was important:  People need to plan their vacations, their dental appointments, their haircuts, and of course travel plans for coming WAY in advance.  (I should say now I was getting married in the summer).  SO what normally happens happened… My mom made save the dates for me. 

Now back to the super cool site I was talking about.  If I had basic invite available a decade ago- it would have been wonderful.   In 2009 for a non $100,000 wedding you’re options for save the dates were Costco, Shutterfly, or whatever a friend could help with on Microsoft Publisher or Apple Pages.   

Basic Invite however let’s you have EASY fill in the blank templates (no figuring out perfect wording or font combinations), SOOOO many design options (over 900 actually) that can include photos (and if I’m your photographer, they should!), a ton of non image designs, unlimited color combinations, and 40 different envelope colors!   Now why is that something to care about?  The color combination differences mean you can see that perfect design that just draws you in and then manipulate EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT of the design.

“Oh I love the floral wreath with a geometric pattern overlay, but it just looks too rustic and I’m a beach wedding”.   THAT’S OK!

Change the sunflower yellow roses to blush, change the forest green leaves to a eucalyptus, change the geo pattern from brown to metallic, etc.  This is the art nerd in me.  I walk around so many antique stores and I feel like I see items with “potential,” which basically means I want to change everything about them except the dimensions.     

THAT’S what Basic Invite Does! Plus they send you samples of what you’re choosing! So you get to feel the paper, see the quality and then decide if its what you truly want for your Save the Date for a Wedding.  Also they have magnet wedding save the dates , so your beautiful face can spread cheer daily on all your guests fridges!  Or for the super easy option: wedding save the date post cards. (This is actually what I did for mine because I didn’t have to buy envelopes!)

Then after you change everything on your save the date to tailor fit your wedding day vibes, you get to sign up for a wedding website.  Now again this is where the art nerd in me gets excited.   So many places now have sites, but you have to pick from a template.  And then usually when your guests (or photographer who lost the invite) needs to find the address for the ceremony while at a stop light they have to navigate a desktop sight on their iPhone because you didn’t want to pay the $20 upgrade fee.  

Not with Basic invite. They’re FREE first of all, and they’re mobile-friendly and easy to use. You can instantly upload all of your wedding details, along with images, and a convenient map with directions for your guests! Choose from 180 custom colors and a design suite to match your wedding invitations. 

So after all that of course you get to choose your invites and RSVP cards that coordinate with your site and your save the dates.  But of course what Basic Invite will do for you is collect all your guest’s addresses via a link you can share in text, email, facebook and FOR FREE they will print the addresses on your Invites.

Plus if you’re rather just be done with it all.  They have their seal and send wedding invitations selections that are an all-in-one wedding invitation, with a tear-off RSVP postcard included! I think its the new launch they’re doing and again I wish it had been around in 2009!  

So of course the next thing people ask is “Well how much is it?”  I don’t know exactly because I am not getting married.  BUT I can say it isn’t the most expensive ones I’ve seen yet the quality is very high end.  So on the site though you can look under the “quantity” button for each item’s description and get the pricing info.

But I can say that I ordered a sample (pictured here) because I wanted to know if the process was easy and if the prints were actually good quality.  Because nothing is worse than paying for something that looks like it was printed with an at home printer!  

ALSO after the wedding: there are new home announcements, thank you cards, baby shower invites, and baby announcement cards to order! (All of which can be custom designed with a JaymeeLynn image- just saying!) 


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