September is Childhood Cancer awareness month. For those of you who remember, JaymeeLynn Photography has been donating 20% of session fees to Childhood Cancer awareness. So to start off my September I’m going to talk about one of my heroes. Not batman, not captain america, not black widow, not storm…… Kayden Wesly. At 6 months […]

Growing up, I was the youngest in my family on both sides (until I got a younger step sister!). I never babysat at family events or had to let “little so and so” tag along. When I was older, I baby sat a handful of times, but it was mostly elementary school aged kids. In […]

I live in Rancho Cucamonga, where every major cross streets have a coffee shop (mostly Starbucks).  Which is PERFECT for me seeing as in I would drink coffee more than water if it wouldn’t kill my stomach.  (It’s ok to call me a quitter on that front) Well one big conflict with a coffee house […]

Welcome back any and everyone to my second part of the Disneyland Photo Ops! I am drinking my favorite french roast coffee out of my Starbucks Disneyland mug realizing that the most iconic portrait spot is quite possibly the worst. Not because of its looks obviously! Its a perfect princess castle. But it is SMACK […]

Yes even my family is getting ours done by the amazing Megan Siana on the 14! So how do you prep for your photos? First question- Dad, will he wear jeans or slacks?  If it’s jeans then blue is a part of your color scheme. Next Question- Mom, what will she feel comfortable in?  Jeans […]

Lizete made her first communion Saturday May 3.  This symbolizes her taking first sacrament and taking an ownership in her faith and religion.  WE had so much fun shooting her and her family.  Her brothers, parents, godmother, and grandparents all came to the photoshoot to support her.  My favorite moment in all of this was […]






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