Want to Know the Best Place for Mommy and Me Coffee Dates?!


I live in Rancho Cucamonga, where every major cross streets have a coffee shop (mostly Starbucks).  Which is PERFECT for me seeing as in I would drink coffee more than water if it wouldn’t kill my stomach.  (It’s ok to call me a quitter on that front)

Well one big conflict with a coffee house lifestyle is my 4 year old beautiful daughter!  So I try to find places that appeal to us both.


coffeedate-10Welcome in  N7 Creamery (http://n7creamery.com/) and their tag line: Real food by real people.  I add: for real people.          Yes it sounds more like a place for ice cream, which it is that too!  We walk in and already my Sweet Pea is enamored by the nitrogen cloud coming out of the mixer.  Then she sweetly asks for pink ice cream, lucky for me that means their locally grown/bought strawberry and cream mix.  As a bonus the worker slyly handled my request for a smaller portion if the smallest size.


I ordered an iced almond milk latte (made with their fair trade espresso beans) but Sweet Pea did let me have a bit of her ice cream.

Another great part of this place is the outwardly focused atmosphere.  Not only are they socially conscious in their food but there area as well.  The walls are adorned with local artists’ work.   Two maps hang encouraging people to put a pin in their home location.  There is a huge book case that offer people to take a book for the day, or their home.  I have left some book on those shelves.  There is also a calendar for community events including open mic nights!


coffeedate-4 coffeedate-5coffeedate-6

So ice cream and coffee in hand we settle into a table where Sweet Pea colors and I read.  Just for a little bit, we enjoy each others company, I help her color, she tries to photograph me, and we even went through a devotional sent home from her Sunday school teacher.   I can’t wait for homework dates here!

coffeedate-8 coffeedate-1

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